Improve your business with a bespoke online software.

I have been building bespoke software for several years now. But they are not the software you need to install onto your computer. These are software in the cloud, or online applications. The advantage is that you don’t need to install anything, just point your browser to the correct address and start working.

One of the first bespoke cloud app that I created was “2CMA”. This was in 2011 in Gainsborough. I created 2CMA to replace a folder that what used to book learners on courses. If the person in charge was away, nobody was able to know if there was still places available for a course. Hence the solution of an online application available for any learning centres by employees. This application is still used today by 3 learning centres in Lincolnshire. And the courses are automatically shown on their website.

Another online application I created was the “PRM App”. I started creating it in 2015. Again, same scenario. There was a folder to book Passengers (with Reduced Mobility, or PRMs) on their flights. The folder and the pages weren’t secured and it was very difficult to get any reliable, accurate reports or statistics. I created a second version in 2016 with flights automatically fed into it. This online application is still in use today by an expending Airport located in South Yorkshire. The Civil Aviation Authority assessed the app and they deemed it satisfactory and awarded the Airport a “Very Good” rating. (Read the article from Doncaster Free Press and take a look at the page with PRM App tags on my company website)

I’m now working on other projects such as a Club Membership Application for a Club in Rossington, South Yorkshire. And I still have time to create an online software for you if you need to improve your processes.

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